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Limiting Beliefs

Are you holding yourself back? What are your limiting beliefs? Hypnosis is the most powerful and direct tool to re-write deep seeded beliefs.

Book a call to discover what is holding you back and make a plan for powerfully moving forward.


Smoking Cessation

Ready to quit smoking? We have the fast track to a smoke-free life. No more cravings, no more mandatory smoke breaks, no more worrying about your health.

Habits start and end in the mind. Hypnosis is the path to rewriting the subconscious and freeing you to live without tobacco.


Weight Management

If you’ve tried diets, exercise, and weight loss programs without any real and lasting progress, it is time to try Hypnosis.

This is a revolutionary approach to weight control. Heal the mind and the body follows.


Fear and Phobias

Fears and phobias are ideal to treat with Hypnosis. Fears and phobias live in the subconscious mind, and that is where Hypnosis works best .

Your subconscious reaction to a trigger happens far before your conscious mind is even aware of what is happening. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your subconscious mind react differently?



Do you have a past experience that you still carry with you? Or perhaps some part of how you react to the world today is rooted in something that happened long ago?

Regression hypnosis is a powerful tool to travel back to a previous time and then integrate and process the experience. With a trusted guide you can find a new sense of inner peace and integrate your past to free you in your present.

Grief Counseling


Individual Session

Experience of loss, be it pet’s or a close relationship, is challenging for every single person. What you need is help through the grieving process. With kind, caring, thoughtful and humorous support you will have the easiest time to process your loss. It’s never easy, but at least you don’t have to do it alone.


Group Sessions

2- 10 individuals coming together in a convenient Zoom session to share together, be seen in your vulnerable moments, and open our hearts together to feel the depth of the loss.

Reiki & Healing Touch


60 Minute Session

This is a non-physical, energetic boosting healing session. It will relax your body and nervous system. It will relax your mind and your emotions. But best of all, it provides you with a flow of energy to support your body to relax, regenerate, and repair.

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