Our Philosophy

"To truly know oneself, it is necessary to engage in introspection and self-reflection. This involves examining one's thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to gain deeper understanding of one's own motivations, values, and beliefs. It also involves being honest with oneself about one's strengths, weaknesses and being willing to make changes in order to grow and evolve as a person.

This the process of self-discovery is ongoing and requires a commitment to self-awareness and personal growth.

I would like to evoke and awaken your true self within your subconscious.

Hadarians are the bringers of love. They are true feelers, connectors, and unifiers. They radiate true joy, peace, and serenity and are interested in healing modalities and promote love using compassion. "

What Makes Us Special

There is always choice in life.

This is why you should choose us.

Compassion First

We focus on delivering our services in a compassionate and heartfelt manner.

We know that taking it slow in the beginning means deeper and more effective results in the end.

Best in Class Techniques

From the powerful classical Trance Hypnosis, to the effective practice of Conversational Hypnosis, and the innovative technique of Nuerolinguistic Programming, we will use the most advanced and effective methods to get you the results you seek.

Individualized Paths

People are not the same and neither are our sessions. We take an individualized approach and will create a plan just for you. We even have take home self hypnosis techniques made just for you so you can keep moving forward between sessions and after our sessions end.

Meet Sue Hamilton, CHT

Professional Hypnotist and Founder of


My life has been one of winding, twisty turns and detours which got me to where I am. There has been much joy and happiness as well as pain and great sorrow. Along the way, I’ve learned many ways to help you on your winding road. Hypnosis is an amazing tool, it can get to the problem fairly quickly.

It does not mean you don’t have to do the work in healing. I am also available for grief counseling and energy work. I’m a firm believer in trying different things. If one thing doesn’t quite work as well as we were hoping for, there are other things that can work to peel away those layers. I’m here to help.

Let me know how I can work with you.

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